Coronavirus: Survival of the fittest and the wise

24 mars 2020


Tackling the outbreak of the novel coronavirus : Covid-19 has been one of the major battles governors are facing to reduce the number of deaths. According to reports, the pandemic is affecting 192 countries and territories around the world. Latest updates from the Worldometer’s graph indicate 381,761 cases of Covid-19 with a toll of 16,558 fatalities and only 102,429 recoveries.

The pandemic is causing widespread damage worldwide mercilessly. Mauritius is also hit with 36 confirmed cases of people tested positive to Covid-19, and resulting in 2 deaths. The fear of its life threatening progressive intensity sends shudders down the spine, fuelling paranoia and panic while impacting the future of our country economically.

It is wise to panic and wise not to panic as the situation is alarming. Are we prepared to face the storm ? Are we fully equipped to fight ? Shaming the authorities for not restricting travels, closing the borders, implementing shutdowns serves no purpose. This is not the right time to question possibilities of Who, When, How and Why. As we hang onto minimal hopes for a quick vaccine to cure the disease, it is wise to understand that there’s no specific treatment as at now against the virus.

According to international reports, the poorly patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, asthma are at high risks of contracting the virus. Also, the elderly ones above the age of 80 with a low immune system are likely exposed to a fatal infection.

Whereas children are known to be secret carriers. The bugs so far live on them but don’t harm them as much. Nevertheless, it is not a relieving factor to rejoice, the poorly children will eventually be affected sooner or later.

Shortage of the protective gear, mask and equipment is yet another ordeal the medical workers are facing. And reports claim the worst is yet to come. The wise need to realise when the virus will attack at its peak, with limited rooms in the Intensive Care Unit and ventilators, the medical staff will have to choose between life and death. The most younger ones will most probably be saved as in other states. And the fittest will only transmit the virus to the vulnerable ones.

Defying the guidelines of the public health authorities and law enforcement order will only increase the chances of exposure to our community. Which again reinforces the reason of maintaining social distance for our own safety.

It is wise to believe that social distancing measures, imposition of a curfew order and self confinement are the only potential weapons to prevent the virus from spreading.

Break the chain, stay at home

The key importance of « Stay at home » needs to be considered as one of our urgent priority. It is essential to acknowledge that one broken link is a life saving factor to stop the transmission of the deadly virus. If one link is broken, the whole chain is broken too. And therefore less possibility of contamination.

The decision lies in our hands. Dear community, only the fittest with strong immunity and a wise brain will survive. Stay at home. Remember, at this existential phase of crisis, Divided we stand and United we fail.

Laudable mission of the heroes

Salute to the heroes, medical frontliners, brave police officers, who are playing essential roles risking their lives to save ours without any incentives. Also, the cleaners, grocery stores workers, petrol station workers who are assisting for the delivery of basic necessities.


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