Online typing job: a case of scamming reported to the Cybercrime Unit

19 janvier 2020

online typing job, scam, I-Solution Ltd, I-Contact Ltd

Online job is one of the dream jobs of many people given the flexibility and the lucrative salary that come along. However, one can never be too sure whether it is a scam or indeed a safe way of earning money.

Recently some Mauritians have taken to social media, Facebook, to complain that they have been scammed by a company, I-Solution Ltd/ I-Contact Ltd, that offers online typing jobs. In an attempt to understand what happened exactly, Zordi contacted both the owner of the company and the people who complained that they are victims of the alleged scam.

Speaking to us, Irfaan Imrit, the owner, explained that his company is one that takes contracts from another company in India for typing jobs. The contracts are of two types, one is for a period of six month and the other is for a period of one year. He explained that in order to get paid, the work has to be submitted within the time frame specified on the contract, no conversion software should be used and the work should have at least 90% accuracy.

He stated that in view of the recent slanderous posts on facebook, some of which had his pictures, he had to close down his Facebook page and reported the case to the Labour office along with all his documents and that he was given clearance regarding his company as far as they are concerned. However, he has not had time yet to report the case to the Cybercrime Unit. He further elaborated that this situation has impacted not only his professional life but also his personal life in that his closed ones are creating issues and have asked him not to continue with these contracts.

The case reported to the Cybercrime Unit

On the other side, the victims have a completely different version of the story. Most of the victims chose not to report the case to the Cybercrime Unit or the Ministry of Labour for reasons such as they already have a full-time job and this job was to earn extra money on the side or they did not want to waste their time going to the court so they just preferred not to do anything about it.

However, one woman in particular, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, explained that although the job was a humanly impossible task, she had managed to complete it with some extra help from her daughter and that she had not used any conversion softwares, yet she was not paid after submitting the documents. When she contacted Irfaan Imrit, the latter said that the percentage of accuracy was less than 90% and that he would send an email with the mistakes but he never did so, nor did he respond to the attempts of the woman to contact him.

After repeated failed attempts to contact the person, she posted his picture on Facebook “in a moment of anger” so as to have more information on him. She explains that many people commented and personally inboxed her to share their own story of being scammed by the same company. After taking everything in consideration, she chose to report the case to the police, more specifically the Cybercrime Unit, and even went an extra mile to check whether the person had an actual office in both locations mentioned on his contract, namely Rose-Hill and Ébène. She alleges that it turned out that none of his stated offices exist in these locations. She explained that her husband had even called the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) to cross-check the veracity of the company and even the MRA had no information on this company.

With a case finally lodged by someone after many have faced a similar situation, we now await to see whether the company is indeed a scam or has just been maligned.

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