COVID-19: An opportunity to live

28 mars 2020

We’re seeing the world with plague eyes now. Instead of complaining of that Covid-19 constantly, how about we stay calm? How about trying to do something? How about taking advantage out of it? What if we reconnect to what’s important, really important? What if we reconnected to what we like, to what is possible, in the here and now? In the uncertainty of tomorrow, we can only do one thing. It’s to take advantage of what you have. It’s about enjoying the here and now. It’s about enjoying the moment.

In this time of survival, take the opportunity to live. This whole period in which history is being written gives us time. Time that can be scary at first, since most of us just run every day, all year round. From the time we often spend running from secondary things to secondary things, without having the time to deal with really important things. Time which, when we dedicate ourselves to it, allows us to live, to live here and now, confined or not, with what we have.

Undeniably, there are many worries and concerns to be had, for the parents, the grandparents, the family, for our wallet, for our future, but for the moment there is nothing other than letting go and enjoying what is and doing something with it, as you can. Just be inventive and creative!

Do not shift your pace of life and try to keep a normal hygienic lifestyle. Allow yourself to do crazy stuffs, and as Oscar Wild said: “There is only madness that you never regret!” Dream about what you will do once life takes its course. Will there be things you would want to change? Are there things you would want to improve? Dream what you want in your life. Daily, morning and evening. Dreaming is free, dreaming makes you live, dreaming makes you grow. Do things that during your busy days you couldn’t do. Make a list, and start doing it. Enquire about people with whom you’ve lost contact. Rekindle the memories and live it again.

Special thought for those who are stuck in the quarantine places, don’t let the virus win. Try to take all the maximum precautions you can and fight it. There might be no cure for the moment but as it is said, the cure is that the body heals itself, it might need some assistance until it can fight the virus. So, don’t despair and fight it as much as you can. Screw the virus but don’t let it screw your body.

Back to life basics…

Negative thinking will make you fall into a pith while positivity will help you face difficulties with more self-confidence and determination. It is not a question of minimizing what happened, but simply of getting something good out of each event. It is to see the glass half full rather than half empty. This world health crisis is definitely plaguing us but it will also give us the opportunity to go back to the basics of life, be it two weeks of confinement or more. We always gave priority to secondary things; let’s consider the truly most important things in life now. Hence, all that can be said is that make it a must to take the time for self-reflection and take good care of your health!

Stay home, stay safe, stay hygienic!

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