Coronavirus : Thank you, heroes !

31 mars 2020

Have you ever thought of putting yourself in the shoes of those people who are risking their own life, their family’s life to protect us in the midst of a pandemic? The healthcare employees, the Mauritius Police Force, the firefighters, the airport staff, food industry staff and other workers in sectors deemed ‘essential services’ are tirelessly trying to control the virus while risking their own health. While we are all advised to remain confined, they are waking up every morning to save lives. Have we ever realized the importance of these essential workers or did we need the shock of the COVID-19 to open our eyes?

In order to curb the deadly virus from spreading, a two-week lockdown had been enforced in our country.  That has now been extended. Despite the fear of losing their lives or the risk of getting their loved ones sick, these workers continue to tackle the invisible enemy in an environment which stubbornly refuses to heed the protocols of social distancing.

« nurses and doctors are spending hours in the hospitals »

While we are sleeping till late during the day, eating at any time feel like it, cooking tasty food, spending time in front of the television and having some nice family time, these workers might take only two meals per day. 

Going into a building with dozens of infected people, opening the same doors, using the same equipment and the same toilets has suddenly become a terrifying exercise. Each morning, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, despite their efforts.

On the one hand, nurses and doctors are spending hours in the hospitals, facing challenges as they treat this highly contagious virus and, on the hand,  police officers are patrolling the streets to enforce the lockdown and issuing fines and penalties to those people who are undisciplined and disrespectful. 

« They are the most important people »

The risk of getting infected is too high for everyone. What will happen if these essential workers decide to stay at home like the rest of us?  What if they get ill, or after working under intense pressure, can no longer keep up? 

Not all mauritians are respecting the rules and regulations imposed by the government. And we badly need these essential workers to help contain the spread of the disease. « dimoun pe marse lor simin, gouvernman napa bon, lapolis pa pe travay » or « lapolis pe bat dimoun, lapolis pe zoure, britalite lapolis, etc… » We need to stop criticizing the police force for they are doing a brave job, in spite of the case of police brutality which happened a few days back.

On the road through a pandemic, medical front-liners, police forces, grocery store workers and other people who are ensuring our survival by sacrificing and risking it all for everyone’s safety deserve more than just respect for their dedication and hard work. They are the most important people we need during this pandemic.

Thank you, heroes.

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